Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Nonsense

This week I'm convinced that we got our entire quota of rain for the year all at once.  Not one day did we have this spring break without rain.  The up-side is that my studio is all painted except for the baseboards which are still sitting in a pile waiting to be cut to size.  I've started to move some of my things in.  I had a desk in there that was completely empty, so I have been busily filling it with all my sewing paraphenalia.  I'm so very delighted because I have not really had a convenient sewing spot since we've moved into our current home.

Although my studio is supposed to be a cat-free zone, I still managed to have four of them sleeping on the chair that sits in the corner.  They will be summarily banished when the torch is moved in and is being used.  No more barbecued kitties for me!

I'm hoping to get my glass set-up moved in over the weekend.  I haven't lit the torch in a few days and I'm beginning to suffer withdrawals.  Besides I have an idea for a new necklace that MUST be made.

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