Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monster Madness

I have been making monsters. This is a bead that I have been working on for some time with the intent of making them for the organization, Beads of Courage. I have made quite a few and mailed them throughout the USA and Canada to see how they hold up to shipping and to discover which method of packaging works best. The base bead itself is pretty sturdy, but the legs, arms, fingers, and other little bits tend to break off if handled roughly.

I love this hot pink, fuchsia color. I had a little difficulty with this glass because my first reaction to it was--oh, pretty, now let's wipe off the surface film, so we can see the pretty pink color. This is one of those translucent colors that actually becomes more opaque the more it is worked.

I think I have about 25 monsters--give or take--some of them cracked--to package up in the next while and send to Beads of Courage. First, they are going to visit a friend with a serious camera and a light tent and we're going to see what kind of pictures we can get.
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