Thursday, January 24, 2013


 Another picture of the hoar frost that we had last week.  We have had nothing but high fog lately.  Not very good for any sort of motivation.  I have spent some time considering painting the house interior yellow and have several paint samples taped to various walls.  I think that will go a long way to eradicating the winter "blahs".  I really like the white on white color schemes that I see, but they really don't work for me.  When we first painted our current home we used a lot of white on the walls, hoping to counter-act the Seasonal Affective Disorder that comes calling every winter around October.  It didn't work!  Much as I admire the white in theory, in practise I find it too sterile for me.  So color is going on my walls and I will admire other people's white color schemes.

We did get a little sun today and what a difference it made.  My fingerless gloves are finished.  (Pictures to come soon.)I have started on my hat. And I tidied up my shelves in my studio and there is glass in my kiln.
I also pulled out my trusty screw driver and hung the little drawers that I picked up to house all the components to one project--one project in each drawer.  Now I'm ready to make use of them.

I have been trying to identify what makes me happy and what causes me stress.  And determining what I can do to fix the things I can fix.

My clothes are boring...easy!  I pulled out the blazer that I had cut out ages ago and I'm going to get started sewing it.  I also have fabric for a pink top that was purchased specifically to go with the blazer.  I'm already thinking of jewelry ideas...  And I found the cutest sweater pattern!  Yes, I know...MORE knitting!  And then there is the really pretty crocheted tank top that will look great under blazers and jackets.  Crocheting I find relaxing and enjoyable.

I have identified my biggest stressor...more on that later...I am taking steps to try to make that stressor less of a huge obstacle.  One way or another, I will surmount this hurdle.
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Thursday, January 17, 2013


 Last week there was some sort of "cookie" error when I tried to check my blog.  Ever since then, I have not been able to upload multiple pictures.  I am a little disappointed because I rushed outside with my camera to take pictures of the frost.

Since I am limited to only one picture at a time right now, I went through and tried to find the picture that really portrayed our weather the best...

We have been wrapped in freezing fog for several days now. Yesterday the fog lifted just a bit but left the frost behind.  This is one of the views that I get to see every day when I leave home.  I never get tired of it.  Maybe it will appear again in spring garb later on.  There are usually mountains to be seen, but they are hidden in the fog right now.

The only thing I want to do when we have this kind of weather is park by the stove with a good book and a hot drink...not so very good for getting ready for my show next week!
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Word

 I had started my blog only to discover that there is some kind of glitch that wouldn't allow me to upload my picture.  So I went back and started with the picture.

These are the fingerless gloves and loomed hat that I have been busily making all during the Christmas break.  I am now on my fourth hat and pair of gloves.  Looming hats is easy, quick, and fun.  I can finish one in less than an afternoon.

In reading other blogs I learned about the word...Choosing one word to live by during 2013 rather than making New Year's resolutions.  I rarely make many resolutions; the ones I do make I try to turn into habits with varying degrees of success--there is still unfolded laundry lurking in the laundry room...

I really wasn't terribly excited by the whole choosing a word thing.  It was interesting to read about other people's word, but I just didn't see myself doing it.

However, while I was busily doing dishes some time ago my word came to me out of the blue--so to speak--and chose me.  So I have a word for 2013, after all.  My word is "create" and has already made a difference...I may even get to that unfolded laundry...
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