Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Vacation

 Summer far it has not really been much of a vacation.  I have been busy catching up on all the things that had gotten neglected while I was working.  Oh, and let's not forget...every "free" minute is being used to file for unemployment and look for work.  I shall soon be an expert at filling out on-line job applications.

I find filing for unemployment and all the necessary requirements to be extremely tedious.  I begin to suspect that I don't like to play by someone else's rules...And I am very frustrated by the wait.  I keep receiving letters telling me to continue to file for unemployment, but that I will not be receiving unemploymnet benefits for the weeks I have already filed.  Deep breath in...deep breath out...this too shall pass.

I have quite a few new beads and I have a new necklace started--pictures to come soon--all over the dining room table...AND I rearranged all the furniture because we have a major house repair project coming up (Yes, ANOTHER one!!) and all the furniture will have to be relocated out of the master bedroom.  Trying to find a place to put everything is requiring great skills of creativity and imagination because our house is not that big.

But for now, I'm going home to make a new recipe for Pad Thai.
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