Thursday, March 8, 2012


Some of you may be wondering why I have decided to call my business Heavenly Blends.  Well, I'll tell you.  In the first place I have owned two coffee shops that were named Heavenly Blends Espresso.  I still have a business account at my bank in the Heavenly Blends name.  I really wanted to name my glass business Torch Song as a tribute to my musical training.  However, when I went to the bank and explained that I wanted to change the name on my business account, I met with an odd resistance.  I left everything alone and went home to think things over.

In the meantime, I have been adding more metal and mixed media into my jewelry.  Torch Song was perfect for just lampworking, but not so much for my actual work.  So on further reflection I decided to keep the Heavenly Blends name since it seems to express my mixed media style.

My name is Celeste--as you probably already know--and the Heavenly portion of my business name is mostly a play on words, since the English translation of my name is "heavenly".

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