Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Red Beads and Passports

I have an order for six wine charms.  I've been making the beads over the last few days and I have almost all of them finished.  I only have one that I must redo.  I took all the beads out of the kiln and I was looking them over.  One of them just didn't do it for me.  I decided that I would make a new bead to replace it.  Ariana came in and I said, "I have to redo this one bead.  All the rest are fine."

"Why?" she asked.

"Well, do you like this bead?" was my response.


"Neither do I.  It has to be replaced."

It's a perfectly fine bead.  It just doesn't meet up to some preconceived notion in my head.  I was amused to discover that Ariana didn't like it either.

In the midst of filling orders, I also have been trying to get everything together and get my passport application turned in.  My father lives in Canada and is getting on in years, and I may need to go up there at a moment's notice--to say nothing of the fact that I'm going to need a passport before I can get my next driver's license.  I finally got everything together and took it to the post office to apply for my passport.  That's when the fun started...First, I had filled out an outdated form and had to fill out another one.  Then I had copied my driver's license onto one piece of paper and it needed to be on two pieces--front and back.  Lastly, the whole experience cost me $135.00!!!  It's done, finished, and sent off in the mail.  I hope all goes well.  The biggest hitch to the whole affair could still be that I was born in Canada and my passport is my only proof of US citizenship.

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