Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Greys

The weather continues to be mostly grey.  This is only relevant because grey weather causes ALL my motivation to go into extended hibernation.  All I want to do is eat chocolate and read frothy, insubstantial books.  However, even a visit to a bookstore yesterday left me uninspired and I left without buying a single book.

The bathroom remodel continues.  The ruined sheetrock has been removed--and surprise of surprises--and all fit into the trash can.  Now to return the new faucet that is missing hardware and get that installed.

Our white shepherd, Polar, is not feeling well this week.  She has been getting me up at 3:00 a.m.  Unfortunately, not before she has an accident.  So my brain is foggy from lack of sleep and the most ridiculous dreams imaginable...I have been forcing myself to exercise, remembering that I usually get a better energy boost from exercising than from sleeping longer.

This morning I grabbed the moisturizer instead of my saline to put in my contacts.  Fortunately, I caught myself before I actually used it.

Friday, February 15, 2013

February Fun

I've been suffering through the February "blahs"!  I also seem to have misplaced my brain.  So the picture that was going to go with this blog, is at home--in the camera, and not downloaded...

I haven't been able to work with glass much--being about to run out of oxygen, so I've been immersed in other creative endeavors.

Yesterday I made NYC Black & Whites (from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar).  Very good and very photogenic...picture to come later.  I consider baking to be a creative endeavor.

I had an unexpected day off work, so I finished my bulletin board in my studio and sewed some more on a summery top.  The rationale being that perhaps I can have it completed in time for warm weather.

Then I figured out that if I only crochet two rows each day, I can have the body of my afghan completed in 53 opposed to the over ten years that it took me to finish the last afghan I made.  Now if I will only crochet the two rows every day...I've been feeling a little tired and haven't gotten as much done as I would like.  The sun is shining today and that is always good for driving away fatigue.

I have my lettuce, spinach, radishes, carrot, and snow pea seeds purchased, located and ready to go in the ground.  If it stays nice I should be able to get them all planted this weekend.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

I had all these grand plans of what I was going to accomplish and get done.  Ha! Now I must do something else.

Several years ago the hall bathroom shower began to leak.  Naturally, we had no money to fix it, so we all simply started using the shower in the master bath.  Recently we have been busily paying off debt and actually developing a savings account. (Yes, this is relevant...)

The master bath shower has always also leaked--somewhere.  It never leaked a lot and I could never actually discover where it was leaking, no matter how many times I pried off the plumbing access panel and had a look.  We knew we were going to have to repair this shower as well.  However, the entire bathroom is a 1970's relic (nightmare) and we really want to gut the bathroom and the walk-in closet and combine the space to make a more useable bathroom.  We were hoping that we would have enough money actually set aside to devote to remodeling before we had to start.

For some reason the master bath shower has decided to increase its leakage.  I still have no idea what is actually leaking.  But I can no longer deny that the leaking has become very serious.  We now have water damage to the floor in the bedroom!  And the bathroom floor has become rather warped.  And I'm sure that it isn't really desireable to have mushrooms growing around the bathtub.  Next, I imagine that the entire bathtub will simply crash through the floor.  Oh, and did I mention that we certainly do not have enough money saved to do any bathroom remodeling at this time?

However, demolition doesn't cost anything whatsoever.  So we have started to tear apart the first leaky shower.  The shower doors are now resting in state on the bed in my studio.  The fiberboard that someone actually thought would be waterproof is now in the process of being removed.  The good news is that the underlying sheetrock is not as water-damaged as we first thought. 

We do have a time-line for getting the first shower repaired.  First, we have to get it done before the one we're using DOES fall through the floor.  Secondly, and perhaps most importantly we have about three weeks before the early spring season hits and Kent is much too busy to do any home repairs.