Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Fool's

I have to say that the weekend finished up in a not-so-wonderful fashion.  I had great plans for getting a two week menu planned, so I could get groceries on payday.  I was also going to make cookies and do a little glass melting.  Instead I "wasted" my entire Sunday afternoon and my week's allotment of gas taking a cat to a vet that was not our usual vet.  One of the kitties had played tag with a car and gotten hit.  It looks like he will recover, but he has a broken leg and his pelvis was broken in three places.  I shudder to think of the final vet bill.  We've already paid almost $600 for this cat (yeah, yeah, I KNOW a bullet is cheaper!).

This brings me to a topic that I have long thought about.  I am an extremely talented worrier.  I can and do worry about all sorts of things, at all sorts of inconvenient times--like 3:00 a.m...For those of you whose faith is other than Christian, I apologize in advance, because I am looking at this subject from a strictly Christian slant.  I know that worrying is not good.  In Jesus' sermon in Matthew (Matthew 6:  25-34) He addresses the issue of worry.  He says that we are not to worry about ANYTHING.  But He doesn't leave it there:  not only are we not to worry, but we are to seek the kingdom of God first.

This is the question that I ponder almost constantly:  How does one go about seeking the kingdom of God first and how does one stop worrying?? 

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