Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Think Spring

The sun has been shining today, even though it is still quite cold out.  All it takes for me to immediately feel happier is for the sun to shine.  I try to remember this when the grey days get to me, and I'm sure I'll never be happy again.

I have actually had a little time to be creative.  Summer Seas will be going to its person later today.  I have another pair of earrings ready for a local friend.  And FINALLY all the monsters are finished and most are photographed.  The pictures are for my glass supplier (Rose Valley Glassworks) as examples of the glass.  The monsters themselves are going to go to Beads of Courage.  If you've never heard of Beads of Courage, check out my FaceBook likes, they are in there.  I think you can also Google them and find information.

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