Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Studio Story

Well, Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  I tend to enjoy Valentine's Day, however, I never have a lot of money to spend at this time of year, so the merchanisers don't care for me much...

We have on our property an addition to our garage that the former owner used as an electronics shop.  Over the years, it has had many incarnations.  It was our office, a guest room, we lived in it for several months when we replaced our single-wide mobile home, and when I first started lampworking, it was my studio.  It made a great studio.  Lots of light, big window, lots of space and no telephone.  There were some drawbacks--I tend to multi-task; sometimes with disastrous results--and being that far from the kitchen wasn't really a good idea.  It was working out fairly well until we had a colder winter than most and one of our dogs decided that she really wasn't a kennel dog, but a house dog.  She is actually another family member's dog, but when no one else is home she prefers that I be close by.  That didn't work so well with the studio away from the house.  I finally decided that I needed to bring my lampworking paraphanelia into the house.  So for the last while, all my stuff has been accumulating in the bedroom...

This fall my daughter moved out of her room and into my old studio.  The plan was that I would then remodel her room for my son and move into the room that he and his brother had shared.  I picked his paint--green--his favorite color and started painting.  Fortunately, I like the color I chose because at the moment he has moved out of the house and I will be using this room for my studio.   Last weekend we went to the store and picked up the new doors--the boys punched the old ones to see what would happen--and trim.  Most of the walls are painted.  It will be most delightful to have all my glass and lampworking things in its own home.


  1. Yeah for getting your own studio..... again!

  2. Yes, I'm quite tickled. We just got doors and trim. I'm ready to hang the shelves on the one wall and then I get to start putting some things away. It won't completely do away with beads all over the house, but it might keep the chaos to a minimum. And I'm close enough to the kitchen not to burn whatever I'm cooking...