Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The story of Heart's Desire

This is the necklace that was drawn on the back of a church bulletin. Initially, it was going to be very different. I had chosen a completely different color scheme and the design was slightly different. However, when I attempted to recreate the sketch from the bulletin, this was the result.

I've discovered that many of my creative ideas are triggered by a word or phrase. This project was no different. The phrase "heart's desire" was stuck in my head and I wanted to portray it in jewelry. At first thought and glance to attain your heart's desire is all happy, exuberant and sparkly. After all, you just got everything you ever wanted. This is true--as far as it goes. The colors in my necklace are all happy and sparkly--rose, orange, and purple. But if you think a little deeper, other things become obvious: what did you have to give up to gain your heart's desire? What obstacles were overcome? These are portrayed by the darker gunmetal of the chain. Purple is a beautiful color; it is also the color of mourning or grief--for the things sacrificed. Orange is also a happy color with deeper meanings. In this instance it was used to show the commitment necessary to achieve a deep desire.
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  1. Love this Celeste.... is this a 'one of a kind' or do you have more like it? I would love to purchase this, or one like it. . .

  2. Hi, Rachel, Do you want the same colors, or do you want me to change it up a bit? I can certainly recreate this, as it is my own personal piece.