Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heart's Desire

I love church bulletins! They usually have nice blank space where you can doodle during the sermon. I had a wonderful idea one Sunday for a necklace and proceeded to sketch it out in my bulletin during the service. I dutifully took the bulletin home, so I could turn my creation in to a reality. Then--I threw the bulletin away--before I had put the sketch in my journal.

These earrings match the necklace that should be finished later this week. I had a rather stressful week, so instead of doing my household chores, I sat down and made myself a pair of earrings... Now I have to play catch up with the house cleaning. These are (for those of you who are interested in the glass) CiM Cranberry encased with a magenta 104 dichroic glass and clear. Some day I may be able to get the sparkle of the dichro to show.
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