Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 I am having a rather large challenge getting my pictures to upload lately.  Someone must have changed a program and I didn't get the memo.  So the blog you were going to get is posted on Facebook, and now you will instead get an introduction to Rosie.  This is Rosie.  She was destined to go on a bookmark.  However, after I got her all cleaned up and ready to be wired on the bookmark I discovered a crack.  So she is staying with me as long as she holds together.

This is the second monster that I have put toes on.  It is really a lot of fun to give them toes.  I pointed them in a different direction this time and she actually stands on her feet!  Perhaps she cracked because I spent too much time admiring her toes before she went into the kiln...

This is a back view of Rosie.  I really like the raspberry spikes with the lighter pink body.  I have had challenges with this particular pink in the past.  It's a lovely color, but it doesn't like to be made into monsters.

The bookmark that Rosie was destined for was a somewhat of a rush order and so to have the focal bead crack was something of a dilemma.  The bookmark was supposed to be finished by the end of the month.  No problem...except that it has to go to Canada and mail to Canada sometimes takes a while to reach its destination.  I quickly made Blossom ( who was made out of a different pink glass and did not crack) and the bookmark went on its way last Thusday.

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  1. The toes are a complete hoot! I'm glad to see you are safely back from your lovely trip to Scotland, and that you obviously had a wonderful time!

  2. These monsters you do are very cool. How do I get one?

  3. You tell me what color you want and send me your address and I make you one and send it to you...