Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Box of Crayons


Here are the most recent inductees to the Monster Brigade.  These are for a friend to give away as hostess gifts.  This is not really how I wanted to display them, but since I'm arguing with my computer and it's winning, this is how they are.

I had recently ordered a bunch of glass--one rod at a time--in a variety of colors that I didn't have.  I ordered only one rod because I wanted to see if I would like the colors and because I had a limited budget with which to order glass.

But I suffer from something I call the crayon box mentality...You know, when I was in grade school I would start school with a lovely new box of crayons.  Well, that box of crayons was supposed to last me for at least one school year (and sometimes more). The problem is that if you use the crayons, pretty soon they aren't all nice and sharp anymore.  If you sharpen them, they just get really short.  And sometimes they break altogether!  Then you don't have that color to play with anymore.

Well, I'm that way with my glass.  I have all these really cool colors, but they sit in jars in big bouquets of glass rods, shining all pretty in the sun, because I'm afraid that if I use them, I won't be able to get any more.  I realize that this is silly; especially since, if I use up my glass rods, I have suppliers that are only too happy to sell me more.  These monsters were--in part--an exercise in actually using and getting acquainted with my glass.  I still have plenty to play with and I discovered that I really like these colors together, so I will most likely be making some beads for myself in this color combination. 

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  1. Everyone at the meeting last night, LOVED THE MONSTER I set as our W.H.O. (Women Helping Others) donations gift. And I can't wait until my spa on Friday night to give out another!

    Blessings to you Celeste! <3