Friday, May 11, 2012

The Monsters Continue

Maybe the third time will be the charm...The first time I cancelled the upload before I was done writing.  The second time everything froze and wouldn't let me post any pictures.  So now then...

I would like to introduce Gloria.  She is going to a friend who is recovering from extensive surgery.

She is made from Effetre new violet glass.  She has dark lavendar eyes and light violet spikes.  She is my first monster with toes, but she can't stand up because I pointed them the wrong direction.

This is how she looks from the back.  My monsters usually have a heart somewhere on them and since Gloria is sticking her tongue out at the world her heart shows up in the back!

I have a bookmark with a monster on it to post and a bit of bling for a rear view mirror, but I have to run about a gazillion errands and since posting this took longer than I expected, everything else will have to wait until next week.

Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Thank you! I really like making monsters! Most of them go as gifts.