Tuesday, May 8, 2012


"You should sell...Why don't you do...?"  I frequently hear comments like this.  My friends frequently think that perhaps I should try this or that home-based, network marketing, home presentation---or whatever the current terminology--business.  Most of these companies are great companies, with wonderful products and ethics.  People can and do make a lot of money with these companies.

I, myself, have tried a few of these businesses.  I have learned a lot and made some friends along the way.  I have nothing bad to say about any of these home-based ventures.  However, for right now, I am not interested in becoming involved in any such home-based business as anything other than a customer.

Here is my reason as to why I choose not to become involved in any sort of home-based or network marketing company right now.  When a person decides to start one of these businesses it isn't handed out already making a profit and with lots of customers.  The person who becomes involved with this business has to work very hard promoting this business.  They have to learn about the company and products and they have to become adept at selling these products.  All this takes time and a great deal of energy.

I am already working three part-time jobs.  I have a family and numerous pets.  I am in the process of learning to blog and promote my lampworking and jewelry business on-line.  I am researching the best computer for my needs and deciding which online auction would be the best choice for me.  All this takes time and a great deal of energy.

I only have so much time--and I still haven't discovered how to function without sleep or food.  I only have so much energy and motivation.  So, for right now, I have chosen to invest my time and energy into perfecting my lampworking skills and in promoting my own work as an artist.


  1. You go girl! I have to tell you, last night at our meeting, EVERYONE loved your Monster that I set as a gift for our W.H.O. donations! Yay! Can't wait for my spa on Friday night to hand out another one because they're cute AND to help promote a very dear friend's talented and loving business too. <3

    Blessings to you Celeste!

  2. Thank you, LaCheal! I'm glad the monsters were a hit. they are always so fun to make.

    Blessings to you, also!