Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A project from start to finish

I have actually remembered to take pictures of a project in progress.  So I will now show you this project from start to finish.  I was supposed to make an ankle bracelet for a friend.  I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, but I couldn't find what I wanted, or couldn't afford what I wanted, etc. etc.   Anyway, the creative imaginative process always takes me a LOT longer than the actual physical process. 

She wanted something sturdy in blue, pink, and green.  Here are the beads right after they came out of the kiln:

Next, I took the beads off and cleaned them .  (These are actually the beads before they were cleaned.)

Then I put them together with this gunmetal chain and this is the finished ankle bracelet.

I usually prefer to use a toggle clasp to finish my work, but I wasn't sure how it would work with an ankle bracelet.  This is something that I will experiment with for myself before I actually make one with a toggle for someone else.  Each of these beads is on a head pin and then attached with a wrapped loop to the chain.  I use wrapped loops because there isn't as much chance of losing your beads--and because I can't make my simple loops look nice.  More practise required.

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