Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Photography Practice

So here we go--some pictures from my getting acquainted session.  The only daffodil that the frost didn't get and it still was none too happy.
The oregano that spills out the bed and onto the walkway.  It will be time to cut and dry it soon.

The rosemary--notice the tiny understated flowers.
And the chives.  They are just right and aren't quite ready to bloom.  I planted a row of these in the garden and this year I have three rows and I'm sharing it with anyone that wants some.

I have critter pictures, too.  But I neglected to rename the files, and I don't know how to look at them without closing my blog...just when I think I'm becoming technologically they will wait for another post.


  1. Yay for a new camera! It looks like it will be perfect for your jewelry/beads!

  2. I actually posted a necklace on my Heavenly Blends Facebook page that I took with the new camera. It will work for jewelry/beads very well. We still want to get one with interchangeable lenses, but this camera is a HUGE step up the the little point and shoot I was trying to use.