Friday, April 13, 2012

More Practise

This is the view from my kitchen window.  Obviously, it changes with the seasons and I never get tired of looking out my window.  I'm so sorry I didn't run around and remove random junk before I took the picture, buy hey, nothing is exactly perfect...

This is Riley.  She is our latest rescue puppy.  We have had her for a little more than a year.  My youngest son scooped her up out of the road and brought her home.  She does get bathed, but usually runs outside and finds the dirtiest and smelliest things to roll in by way of protest, so she is not bathed as frequently as she should be.

Lucy, here, is the result of an ill-advised trip to the humane society with a family member.  They chose the "wrong" dog and, so, Lucy came to live with us.  We have had her since 1999.  As you can tell, she is extremely thrilled to be photographed.  The general attitude on all the dogs' parts was "I can't believe you're really going to take my picture with that thing!"

This is Polar.  Again, with the "Go away and let me be."  She is a white German Shepherd.  She had difficulty adjusting to the chihuahuas at her former home, and we had just lost a German Shepherd (to extreme old age), so she came to us.  As you can tell, furniture at our house is for dogs--literally...

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