Thursday, January 24, 2013


 Another picture of the hoar frost that we had last week.  We have had nothing but high fog lately.  Not very good for any sort of motivation.  I have spent some time considering painting the house interior yellow and have several paint samples taped to various walls.  I think that will go a long way to eradicating the winter "blahs".  I really like the white on white color schemes that I see, but they really don't work for me.  When we first painted our current home we used a lot of white on the walls, hoping to counter-act the Seasonal Affective Disorder that comes calling every winter around October.  It didn't work!  Much as I admire the white in theory, in practise I find it too sterile for me.  So color is going on my walls and I will admire other people's white color schemes.

We did get a little sun today and what a difference it made.  My fingerless gloves are finished.  (Pictures to come soon.)I have started on my hat. And I tidied up my shelves in my studio and there is glass in my kiln.
I also pulled out my trusty screw driver and hung the little drawers that I picked up to house all the components to one project--one project in each drawer.  Now I'm ready to make use of them.

I have been trying to identify what makes me happy and what causes me stress.  And determining what I can do to fix the things I can fix.

My clothes are boring...easy!  I pulled out the blazer that I had cut out ages ago and I'm going to get started sewing it.  I also have fabric for a pink top that was purchased specifically to go with the blazer.  I'm already thinking of jewelry ideas...  And I found the cutest sweater pattern!  Yes, I know...MORE knitting!  And then there is the really pretty crocheted tank top that will look great under blazers and jackets.  Crocheting I find relaxing and enjoyable.

I have identified my biggest stressor...more on that later...I am taking steps to try to make that stressor less of a huge obstacle.  One way or another, I will surmount this hurdle.
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  1. You go girl!

    I know what you mean about the white homes. So beautiful... but would never work around here either.

    1. And I was on such a roll--until I had to change gears and hit a bathroom redo at full speed. LOL! I'm still working on a necklace and I began another afghan. No new job in sight, so just have to learn to live on less.