Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Word

 I had started my blog only to discover that there is some kind of glitch that wouldn't allow me to upload my picture.  So I went back and started with the picture.

These are the fingerless gloves and loomed hat that I have been busily making all during the Christmas break.  I am now on my fourth hat and pair of gloves.  Looming hats is easy, quick, and fun.  I can finish one in less than an afternoon.

In reading other blogs I learned about the word...Choosing one word to live by during 2013 rather than making New Year's resolutions.  I rarely make many resolutions; the ones I do make I try to turn into habits with varying degrees of success--there is still unfolded laundry lurking in the laundry room...

I really wasn't terribly excited by the whole choosing a word thing.  It was interesting to read about other people's word, but I just didn't see myself doing it.

However, while I was busily doing dishes some time ago my word came to me out of the blue--so to speak--and chose me.  So I have a word for 2013, after all.  My word is "create" and has already made a difference...I may even get to that unfolded laundry...
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  1. I find words are often sneaky that way.
    Good luck with your "creating"!

    1. Thank you! I have "created" a clean kitchen...and quite a few pairs of earrings.