Friday, October 26, 2012

One of Those Days

 Yesterday was one of those days!  It started of innocently enough and quickly degenerated into a farce.

When the dogs went out before their breakfast three of them decided that it would be a great time to check out the happenings in the neighborhood.  This is never a good idea.  They always reappear--highly unrepentant--dirty, stinky, and having found nasty things to eat (that make them sick).

Work was fairly uneventful until I was at my afternoon job.  I needed to get something out of the car, so I ran out--sans shoes and coat--to grab it.  It didn't occur to me until I was trying to get back in, that I had left my keys behind and shut the door--locked--after myself.  I pondered this situation for a while and decided that breaking a window was probably not the best way to solve it.  At that very moment, it dawned on me that my daughter was just across the street at the library with a spare key.

So off I went, in my sock feet, in search of the key.  It had rained earlier, and although the sidewalks were dry, the streets were still very wet.  Fact:  asphalt is more porous than concrete and you'll get your feet soaked.

The rest of the afternoon was peaceful until I arrived home.  To a crying dog and a house  with every room needing to have the floors scrubbed.  Unfortunately, I couldn't just scrub.  The floors themselves were in serious need of a good sweeping which I couldn't give them due to the nature of the mess on the floors.  So I had to roam through and spot clean all the rooms.  This weekend I will actually sweep and then do another thorough scrubbing.  Naturally, when I was all done I felt contaminated  and rather in need of a good cleansing myself. 
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