Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I see that it is almost a month since I last posted.  I really have no excuse...I haven't had any pictures to post, I haven't had anything interesting to say, I've been busy making monsters for an order of twenty bookmarks.  Oh, and I had to pick the last of the garden produce and I've been busy making apple butter.

October is one of those months...where I can succumb to depression if I'm not vigilant.  Well, I do not have time for depression this year.  So...I'm thinking that once my twenty bookmarks are finished and shipped off that perhaps I will reward myself with a gallon of paint.  The raspberry walls in the kitchen are woefully faded and I'm tired of the pale green cabinets!  I still have a lot of apples to preserve; some to make into apple butter and the rest into applesauce.

I also got some new cookbooks (to replace the ones I gave away...).  I've been exploring the outer edges of vegan cooking.  Not for health reasons or any other large, political, save-the-world, reasons, but because I'm tired of paying high prices for dairy products--and I don't like milk that much anyway.  Most of the things I've tried are very good.  I still cannot, however, seem to develop an appreciation for tempeh, even though I have tried several different ways of preparing it.

The studio has new bedding, so now I actually have a place for guests to sleep.  And I can see some more organizing and decluttering projects in the near future.  And I'm really certain that it is time to learn some new glass techniques.  Today I have to make one last monster and the last accent beads for the bookmarks that I intend to ship Friday.

Brent acquired a new beagle rescued from a local shelter...he was supposedly looking for a parrot.  He's a cute little dog and christened "Sonic" for his tendency to do everything at hyper-speed.


  1. Going in for a parrot and coming out with a beagle... that is hilarious!

    1. I know...that searching for parropt and getting a beagle just cracked me up, too. We babysat him last weekend--he's super high maintenance--cried every time my daughter stepped out of his sight!