Thursday, August 15, 2013


Our small community has an art show every August.  This year I was invited to display some of my jewelry for the show.

This is what I finally made and submitted.  I have named it Fantasia.

This is (obviously) a close-up of the front dangle.  I was going to hang drop beads from the brass flower and then decided that I preferred the small seed beads on long headpins to resemble stamens.

I loved the frit that I used for these.  It is very fine and gives almost a water-color type effect to the glass.  This is what I always hope to achieve with frit and finally discovered how to get that stain of color rather than obvious spots.

I love the sparkle of dichro and almost always can find a place for it in anything I make.  The charms and chain and front pendant were all procured from a local bead store.

When I took this to the show to have it entered the lady who was accepting submissions seemed somewhat disappointed that I had brought her only one entry.  I was given to understand that next year I need to submit three entries...and the necklace I was wearing was very pretty.  Well, yes, it was, but it didn't meet the criteria of being completed within the last twelve months.

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