Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Celebrations

September is always a very busy month.  We celebrate a birthday and an anniversary just three days apart.  Of course, that is only if the fall seeding hasn't started and my husband is spending his days (from 4:00 am to 9:00 pm)  in a tractor.

Seeding is just getting started, so we actually had a little time on Thursday to have a small birthday celebration.  I am not a cake person, so I am always trying to find a cake that I will actually like.  This year's cake was a chocolate creation with layers of strawberry cream.  The ganache frosting is still the best part of the cake.

Our anniversary was on Sunday and we SHOULD have been able to do something spectacular...you would think.  Not so much!  The hay trailer developed a flat tire that necessitated the removal of all the hay and an emergency trip to park in the driveway.  Then we had a lawn to mow.  I met Kent in town at the yard in question.  By the time we were finished it was getting on to dark.  So we went out to eat...  Being as Kent was covered in hay dust and I was wearing ratty jeans and old boots with a distinct green patina (acquired from years of yardwork), we decided that we were only fit to be seen at Dairy Queen.

Our town has such an enormous number of restaurants to choose from...We have a McDonald's (not good for the vegetarian), a Subway (no greasy fries), a couple of rather nice Mexican places (not in the mood for Mexican), a couple of Chinese places (ditto on the mood), and Dairy Queen.  Since neither of us wanted to take the time or waste the gas to go home, clean up, and head into Walla Walla, Dairy Queen it was.

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